I am Abdul Rahman from Desamangalam, Trissur. 13 years ago my chest pain started and the medicines given by the local private hospital only gave temporary relief. With limited finances and three blocks, we approached the Heart to Heart programme of Mammootty sir which helped me return to my life. I thank Dr. Mahadevan and every staff in the hospital for their expert care that saved my life. I also thank Mammootty sir for being the benefactor of this programme.

Abdul Rahman, Aged 53 Years, Desamangalam, Trissur

My name is Aminakutty. My heart disease started 4 months ago and we got in touch with NIMS hospital and Mammookka and with everyone’s help I got operated. I am now recovered and very happy with all the procedures here. It was because of Mammookka and the doctor that I could recover from the illness.

Aminakutty, Aged 54 Years, Vaaka, Trissur

The doctors, the staff and the nurses did their job very nicely. I am thankful for getting treated under the Heart to Heart scheme of Mammootty. God’s blessings will always be with him.

Kamaruddin, Aged 34 Years, Kottarakara

My name is Kolsam Beevi. Due to the enormous expense involved in the heart operation, I participated in a programme by NIMS hospital in Trivandrum. We obtained the consent letter and I was operated soon after. I was given tablets and food and I am thankful to the doctors, nurses and staff members including Fazeela. I am also grateful to Mammootty and wish him long life.

Kolsam Beevi, Aged 48 Years, Panachamood, Thiruvananthapuram

My initial chest pains were treated as gas trouble by the private hospitals. An Echo Test and TMT at Medical College revealed a block. Though I managed with just pills for 3 years, I had to undergo surgery. Mammootty Heart Foundation in NIMS Hospital shortlisted me for their excellent treatment. I am greatly indebted to them and like to convey our thanks, good greetings and prayers to him.

Moitheenkutty, Thirunaavai, Malapura

Everybody in the hospital helped us. They took good care of us. Sajukka and our neighbours gave us all the help they could. I am greatly thankful to all of them. And I am grateful to Mammottyka, the MD Faisal sir, Fasala and many others. A big thanks to all of them. My salute to all of them. I am a fan of Mammokka and I wish to see him some day.

Sathar, Aged 33 Years, Kodali, Trissur

I am Shaila Beevi and due to my husband Sharahabbin’s palpitation and dizziness, we took him to Medical College where two blocks were found. When I noticed a newspaper advertisement about free surgery, we went to the NIMS hospital camp where Dr. Mahadevan discovered three blocks and surgically removed them. I thank Mammookka for giving his consent letter and facilitating this.

Sharahabbin, Aged 52 Years, Kilimanoor, Thiruvananthapuram

My name is Sheeba. Medical College suggested surgery for my heart problem. Financial constraints restricted me and at the 5th anniversary of NIMS hospital, we met Dr. Mahadevan. Mammootty sir gave us his consent letter and it is a great blessing that people like him come forward to help people. Everything was done for free and I got a second life. I pray to Allah for the long life of Mammootty sir.

Sheeba Beevi, Aged 34 Years, Poonthura, Thiruvananthapuram

I am from a very poor family and two years ago I got a pain in my heart. Medicines helped me for a year but soon we found that there are two blocks and a stretched artery. When we heard about the free heart operations at NIMS, we met the authorities who facilitated my treatment here under Dr. Mahadevan. The doctor, the nurses and all other staff here gave me the courage and support throughout the treatment process.

Sivaraman, Aged 50 Years, Vadakanchery, Trissur

My name is Suhara. It has been 8 years since I got my chest pain. 3 blocks were found but I couldn’t do surgery due to financial constrains. My surgery was postponed until I came across the NIMS ad about free surgery. The surgery was done in August and now I am very fine. I will pray for this hospital, the doctors, the staff and Mammootty for considering me for this surgery.

Suhara, Aged 49 Years, Kattilkadavu, Karunagapally

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