Assessing Risk factors for getting a Heart Attack

1) Lipid profile (Cholesterol levels)

Assessing the level of good and bad cholesterol levels
(Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL, LDL Cholesterol)

2) Diabetes Mellitus assessment

  •  Fasting Blood Sugar
  •  Post prandial Blood Sugar
  •  Glycosylated Hb (HbA, c)
  •  Urine Microalbuminuria

3) Renal Function tests

Serum Creatinine, Blood urea, creatinine clearence

4) Liver Function Test

Patient who had previous liver disease or are alcoholics can have deranged liver function

5) Thyroid function studies

  • T3, T4,  TSH, free T3, free T4
  • Thyroid Antibody Study
  • Thyroid Scanning to look for thyroid enlargement

6) USS (Ultrasound Scan Abdomen)

To detect Renal pathology , Pancreatic aneurysms in the abdomen etc.

7) ECG

Any baseline abnormality can be detected

8) TMT

Walking on a treadmill and simultaneously recording ECG , BP, Heart rate with any variations

9) 2D Echo

  • Structure defects can be detected
  • Left ventricular (Heart) function can be assessed or any weakness in the heart.

10) X ray Chest

To detect any abnormalities in the Heart and Lungs
Once the following investigation are done a basic outline of the Cardiac abnormality can be got and the necessary treatment can be started

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