• Avoid doing heavy work, like lifting of heavy articles.
  • Do regular physiotherapy exercises, like walking on level grounds for 10-15 minutes, raising and lowering of hands.
  • Practice some meditation and relaxation techniques like listening to music, yoga etc…
  • Avoid stressful situations and mental tension.
  • Regular check of blood pressure, blood sugar and S. Cholesterol every month.
  • Restrict fluid intake to 2000ml/day.
  • Maintain Ideal body weight for height. If you are overweight reduce your weight on an urgent basis.
  • If you feel chest pain or breathing difficulty, giddiness etc, immediately report to your local doctor or your surgeon.
  • If there is any oozing from your chest wound or leg wound show it your local doctor and get it dressed.
  • If you have persistent cough and a clicking noise in the chest wound show it to your local doctor.
  • Follow your diet schedule and take your drugs regularly.
  • Do not take ayurvedic or homeopathic drugs along with your present drug schedule.
  • If your blood pressure and blood sugar is uncontrolled. Consult a local physician and get your drugs adjusted.
  • Follow up visits. First visit after 1 month. After wards, once in every 3 months.
  • Stop smoking, consumption of alcohol, red meat (beef, mutton) and sea food.

Height: 167cm weight: 64kg

Your ideal body weight for your height: 67kg



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