Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

Total cardiac Care is committed to provide the best-in-class vascular care for our patients.

Vascular surgery focuses on helping the vascular system, including arteries and veins, to be in good shape. The surgeries are usually reconstruction and minimally-invasive catheter procedures. Total Cardiac Care vascular and endovascular surgeons are trained to manage the diseases affecting the vascular system (blood vessels and lymphatic system). They strive to fully restore these systems to good health.

For vascular conditions concerning the brain and the heart, we have another set of dedicated Cardiothoracic surgeons, Neurosurgeons and interventional neuroradiologist. We promote interdisciplinary approach in order to give our patients the comprehensive care that they need; especially for patients with intracranial aneurysms, aneurysm ruptures, fenestrated graft repairs, to name a few.

People with high blood pressure, history of heart diseases or vascular diseases (e.g. aneurysm) or heavy smokers are susceptible to vascular or arterial disorders. A strict follow-up is advised for vascular patients in order to prevent strokes, limb amputation in diabetics and aneurysm ruptures.

Lung Surgery

Though surgery is not the usual resort to treat small cell lung cancer, it is one of the ways in order to prevent the spread of an outgrowth. Of course, this would depend on the size of the cancer and its positioning within the organ.

As a chief respiratory organ, our lungs are “open” to the elements and are vulnerable to infections. Changes in lifestyle, smoking habits and pollution makes lung problems all the more common.

There are many types of lung surgeries performed at Total Cardiac Care

  • Wedge Resection / Segmentectomy – Where the surgeon removes a small part of lung that is primarily affected by lung cancer. Removal of a whole lobe of lung is known as lobectomy.
  • Pneumonectomy – When the entire lung has to be removed due to the spread of cancer and is only done in dire cases.
  • Empyema – Surgery to remove an infection or blood in the chest cavity
  • Pleurodesis – A specific surgery to prevent the build-up or return of fluid to the chest

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